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She specialized in drawn animation, first in Stuttgart and then in London. Every gender stereotype is questioned, mixed up, to obtain a new result. Vera borrows stories from Genesis and legends and fairy tales from Eastern Europe and transforms them through visual poetry, representing the complex, fragile, feminine soul.

Misogyny is shown as the machismo that permeates the modern culture. Neubauer presents animation for adults that never forgets the child within, via 2D animation, live-action drawing with sand, and clay animation.

The Lady of the Lake , made with ink on paper mixed with live-action, is based on a legend in which a mermaid falls in love with a man.

If he does, the mermaid must return to the sea, where she can live wild and free as her nature requires. Wheel of Life is based on the Old Testament, made with live-action and 2D animation.

The Dragon and the Fly and I Dance followed. La Luna is a story of love and fear, despair and murder, about rats wanting to become men and men forced to live as rats.

It was commissioned by Channel 4 and the British Film Institute. Puppets reproduce the features of spirits and totems from these places, such as Hooked, a Guatemalan skeleton.

The Last Circus is a mythological life story with animated puppets. The legendary Lady Godiva rides into the ring on a horse and climbs into her wheelchair.

Her life unfolds before her eyes, woven with myths of her childhood, dreams of her youth, and visions of her death.

It is a captivating fairy tale of birth and life, war and death. While there, Baker made his amazing diploma film, The Three Knights , and became an assistant animator.

In , he returned to study at the National Film and Television School in Beaconsfield and focused his graphic style. In he made The Hill Farm , a simple story about a couple living peacefully on the title farm.

Only one man is really free; for this reason, the other villagers want to kill him. The characters are subhuman, locked in their defects.

The only thing that can unite them is hate. The Village led to a further Channel 4 commission, Jolly Roger , about a pirate ship and a bridesmaid in danger.

It masterfully and poetically mixes 2D traditional drawing with the new computer technology. The studio made a series for the BBC called The Big Knights , a funny show about three brave and goofy medieval knights.

A remastered special edition was produced in , with expanded scenes and redefined images. In , Astley Baker Davies Ltd made the preschool series Peppa Pig , about a feisty little girl pig called Peppa and her funny family.

It was a huge success worldwide. His first short and medium-length films were made in the s and had success with audiences and critics. However, it was in the s that his work reached a wide audience.

In , he founded his own production company, Ancient Mariner Productions, to make his films without market influence.

He also directed commercials and his clients included Panasonic and Philips. The technique through which he became famous was direct painting on film — specifically, making little scratches directly on each frame then repainting them with contrasting colours.

The final result is extremely suggestive. Bush often used pixilation, as in Furniture Poetry , where furnishings are animated and coloured through the technique to show the soul of daily objects.

Bush loves literature and poetry, which inspire some of his works such as His Comedy and The Albatross Through his works, Bush explored new visual ideas rather than creating stories and plots; his works are close to avant-garde.

The Albatross , particularly, is rich in atmosphere and visual magic. The Rumour of True Things is a mid-length film exploring such modern phenomena as video games, x-rays, medical exams, and war.

In , Bush made Flik Flak , a two-part film 11 showing a future world of stupid, useless robots. After these films came Lie Detector and Pas de deux de deux , both using pixilation, and Dr.

Hyde , in which the camera has schizophrenia. During the s, Richard Williams devoted himself to teaching animation around the world at such studios as Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, and Warner Bros.

The book includes techniques, advice, tips, tricks, and general information on the history of animation.

It combined the text with footage from the master classes and animation of examples from the book. Williams offers explanations and examples of topics such as timing and spacing, soft and hard accents, the ways to turn a head from a side to a front view, or change a smile to a frown.

It originated in , when young Williams was living in Spain near a village circus and drew the clowns, acrobats, and onlookers.

Twelve years later, Williams filmed the drawings; nearly 50 years after that, he completed the film. Woodbridge, 3 July , originally an actor, is a director and writer of puppet animation and a designer and director of stage plays.

He is also a connoisseur of music and opera. Purves dedicated his university studies to classical Greek history and culture. He began a career as an actor before addressing himself to direction and production.

In the late s Purves started working in cinema animation. While there, he contributed to the animation of many television series including Dangermouse and The Wind in the Willows In he moved to Aardman Animations Ltd in Bristol, where he refined his animation technique.

The Infinite Variety Show is a puppet animation. Using mime and props, William Shakespeare summarizes his plays on stage, all without saying a word.

Screen Play is about an impossible love between a high-ranking lady and a humble gardener, representing the Japanese art of kabuki.

Rigoletto is a minute puppet version of the opera by Giuseppe Verdi, dark and gothic. In , Purves made Achilles , possibly his most significant work.

Against the background of the Trojan War, the film presents the homosexual love story between the warriors Achilles and Patroclus.

The film is full of sensuality, with explicit but never vulgar love scenes. In five chapters, it shows their working relationship and their very human relationship too.

The style is original and fascinating: In Purves produced Hamilton Mattress , a mid-length film featuring Hamilton, a shy aardvark with a passion for music.

The director, who had found inspiration in such an intimate subject as the homosexual love between warriors, could also build a marvellous musical, full of action.

I like the detail and richness possible with puppets. But working with puppets is a very intimate form of animation.

It is just your hand controlling the puppet, and not a whole team or committee working out what to do.

Unlike other forms of animation, it is also spontaneous, giving the most direct equivalent to an acting performance.

And the audience are aware that the puppets have existed, in a real space, and that the human hand has been part of the process.

I enjoy watching puppets because you are always aware that they are puppets. You are aware of the trick and thus you share part of the performance and contribute to it.

A puppet should always be allowed to be a puppet, and not a cheaper version of CGI. Its peculiar qualities should be embraced, and not seen as limitations.

An Elegy for Studio M. He was also involved in significant roles on the features Mars Attacks!

Restless Barry Purves also had three books published on puppet animation and had a concert of Tchaikovsky music dedicated to him in at the Tchaikovsky house, where the puppet from his film now resides.

Toronto, Canada, 13 September are a couple both personally and professionally. However, she ended up applying to the National Film and Television School to train as a live-action director.

There they made George and Rosemary , about elderly romance, which received an Oscar nomination. In and Out crams a lifetime from birth to death into nine minutes.

A group of friends plan a surprise party for his birthday. They all hide in his parlour, but Bob is having a midlife crisis and is confused and depressed.

When he comes home, he acts like a fool, unaware of the people who can hear him. In the s, Snowden and Fine continued to make TV commercials.

They returned to Canada in to make — in collaboration with Studio B. Production — the series Ricky Sprocket It is about a superstar child actor who tries to balance family, friends, and school with the pressures of his showbiz life.

London, 20 May made What She Wants , an experimental film made entirely on a home Amiga computer. It is about a woman on the underground who indulges in fantasies about wild shopping and lust.

After a three-month residency in animation at the Museum of the Moving Image, Lingford received a Channel 4 commission for Death and the Mother , another Amiga work based on the Hans Christian Andersen tale.

A desperate mother is ready to meet Death in person in order to save her ill daughter. The black and white drawings are filled and stylized, creating a dark mood.

In , Lingford made Pleasures of War , an animated documentary. The style is dark and biting. The film written and designed with writer Sara Maitland is based on the epic story of Judith and Holofernes, about a besieged city and the woman who tries to save it by offering herself sexually to the enemy chief.

Animated images intersect with live-action documentary, showing cities destroyed by war. His first film was My Life at 40 In the film Hill, aged 34, imagines a special collaboration with his year-old self.

They both look forward to a glorious future as a year-old conservation hero and Lamborghini owner. This film uses various techniques: Weather Report is a collage of footage recorded at home on one UK channel over the space of a year.

The supposedly banal is transformed into cultural gold, as hundreds of linear fragments play simultaneously. My First Taste of Death is based on a story Hill wrote when he was The film is a kind of angry, tormented take on Hollywood action cinema, full of surreal detail.

He participated in a competition run by Getty Images, which invited filmmakers to create a piece with images from its Hulton Archive of historical photographs.

Rather than set a rigid brief, the challenge offered key words and phrases as prompts. The past and present mix; modern pop stars kiss old Hollywood actors.

The short won many awards. Replete with dogfights, undead dodos, and Edwardian hussies, it is a work of meticulously executed chaos, full of unexpected and entertaining juxtapositions.

Lancashire, UK, 16 October was introduced to animation and embraced it as her means of expression. The Web was shown at film festivals worldwide.

After graduating, Ashworth cofounded 3 Peach Animation. She directed many commercials, title sequences, and stings for TV and cinema. Her best-known work is the minute How Mermaids Breed , which is inspired by Bronze-Age Cycladic fertility figures and the drawings of Henry Moore.

The film, made with 3D computer animation, envisages mermaids made of sand. They live in a matriarchal underwater society and catch men to take sperm to fertilize their eggs, like sea turtles.

The film is original and sensitive. In , Ashworth completed the seven-minute The Mushroom Thief. The dialogue-free film has puppet animation and pixilation and features a girl swimming through a lush green meadow.

Hampshire, England, 2 August came to animation after a science degree and nine years of self-forming, spent mostly travelling and temping in different roles.

Her graduation piece was Stanley , a puppet animation film. Stanley is a nostalgic, middle-aged man. He loves agriculture and dreams of growing the biggest cabbage in the world.

His cabbage reminds him of his lost sexuality because its interior looks like a vagina. His jealous wife decides to cook it; to save the vegetable, Stanley kills the woman.

It is the story of a traumatized boy whose mother and dog die in quick succession and whose equally traumatized father is unable to help.

She depicts the dark side of the soul, conflicting feelings, and desperate environments. Her narratives combine sincere anxiety and sincere compassion.

Peter is a boy with large, scared, resentful eyes who is bullied by the youngsters of the village. He goes out, encounters a wolf, and fights and defeats it — although he loses a friend, a duck.

He goes to the village to sell the captured wolf, but he and the wolf make eye contact; they have the same eyes now, fortified by experience.

Peter releases the wolf, which leaves the village with dignity. If Stanley was a story of sterility, and Dog a story of death, Peter is a story of birth.

Not a note is heard until Peter, after several attempts, actually gets out of his walled house-uterus.

When he does escape, the music erupts with the sunlight, sudden and cheerful. Peter endures humiliation, seclusion, loss, and the temptation of triumph as well.

The village bullies use violence and firearms. Peter uses an inoffensive web to overcome his enemy. He wins through courage and trial and error.

According to narrative structures, Peter had to win through his rite of passage. Once more collaborating with Paul McCartney see Vol.

Using clay, he parodied scenes from films such as Rocky and actors such as Danny DeVito. His first important work is Balloon , made in clay animation, about a little girl and an evil man who tries to steal her balloon.

Clown combines puppets and drawings. The protagonist sings the famous aria, Ridi, Pagliaccio! In Lidster made the short Interrogating Ernie ; in he was an animator on the feature film Coraline , produced by Laika and directed by Henry Selick.

Fast Spin Fling is the first notable work by Sandra Ensby 14 b. Dorset, England, 19 January It is a funny short film about Muriel, a woman who lives with her attractive friend Pippa, who has many admirers.

Throwaway is a short film made with the Sweetworld Collective. A dining couple has a quarrel that appears as a balloon on their heads. Incomprehension increases until the final collapse.

In the end, peace is restored, but for how long? Ensby also made the special animation effects for Girls in Love — , a live-action series based on the popular teenage books by British writer Jacqueline Wilson.

It uses pencil on paper, soft colours, stylized figures, and slow and shivery animation. Higgins then collaborated on three eight-foot mosaic panels for the Machynileth Museum of Modern Art and worked on Famous Fred , directed by Joanna Quinn.

Afterward, he returned to London to join Picasso Pictures as an animation director. In , Channel 4 planned a TV season on disability.

After a long time studying the subject, Tim Webb — helped by Dick Arnall — made an animated documentary, A is for Autism It animates paintings made by autistic people.

Simple and snappy, the film takes a warm look at the world of autistic youngsters and adults. It uses their stories, live footage, and commentary in a way that enthrals and educates.

The film became a reference work both for autism and animation studies, winning awards and acknowledgements.

Kelpie looks similar to a seahorse and drags its victims into the lake. Ewan, a brave young boy in the Highlands, fights Kelpie and wins in a terrific battle.

Kunyi Chen made Rien using pencil on paper. A little girl tries to learn French; the images and letters intersect with words and sounds.

As noted earlier please see Vol. Wimbledon, UK, 18 January is a famous illustrator specializing in books for children including The Snowman , made into a film directed by Dianne Jackson in , and When the Wind Blows , made into an animated feature by Jimmy Teru Murakami in Briggs also wrote the original screenplay for Ivor the Invisible , directed in by Hilary Audus.

The crosswise images of metamorphosis focus on bees and beekeepers. Karen Kelly graduated in animation from the Royal College of Art in Her most notable film is Stressed , about the daily tensions and stresses affecting people in a suburb.

The technique is crayons on paper and traditional 2D animation. The drawings are full of confused lines, with vibrant and violent colours. The animator is shown as he creates the story; the characters and scenery change gradually with his thought.

A Series of Unfortunate Events , Made in 3D, the eight-and-a-half-minute film features the two sad employees of a funeral director who go through dark and creepy swamps and woods but end up in Beyond, a happy and colourful land.

She has made two short films and one animated series. The animated series 64 Zoo Lane was conceived by Vrombat in and broadcast in It tells the story of Lucy, a little girl who lives next to a zoo full of funny animals, which become her friends.

Every night Lucy enters the zoo by sliding down the long neck of the giraffe Georgina, and every animal tells her a story. Brian Wood has a particular animation style: His first notable work is Mr Jessop , made with black backgrounds, sharp and stylized drawings, white pencil, and crayon.

A little man leaves home to buy something in a mall, a sick and stupid Heaven of Consumerism. In this dark and lonely world, everyone is miserable and intolerance and neurosis reign.

The animation is frenetic, irregular, and confusing. A group of kids get drunk and insult classmates and teachers at a high school party.

The Cramp Twins — is an animated series about twins Lucien and Wayne. They live in the town of Soap City with a mother obsessed with cleaning and a father addicted to western movies.

Tiny Planets — is an animated series about a funny alien and his weird dog, called Bing and Bong, who explore the universe from the comfort of their couch.

Taylor also made advertising spots for Picasso Pictures: The latter were all made for the British Department of Transportation to teach road safety to children.

Many video artist animators decided to experiment with animation and created works halfway between two artistic worlds. They resemble old art deco advertisements.

His graduation film, Amore Baciami , should be described as the first kinetic typographical film. A girl in a wood is followed by a big bad wolf, watched on screen by a mad scientist.

With the full moon, the scientist becomes a werewolf. He loses his mind and is mad to possess the world. It is a kind of strange anatomy book, animating drawings of desperate hands and skeletal faces.

Reeza Dolatabadi made the puppet animation short Octo-Dancing in An octopus dances in an aquarium, with electro music in the background. Koda was made with computer graphics, 3D, and 2D.

Composed of more than 6, paintings, it is a short psycho thriller exploring the potential and fears of the human mind.

Birmingham, 16 June explored subjectivity and sense of place. She used animation, photography, performance, found objects, drawing, writing, and digital technologies.

As an artist, Parker chose animation because of its unlimited possibilities. While at art college she cofounded the feminist video and performance group Dark Bananas.

While there, she made her first 16mm film, Adult Day Return She continued to develop her practice as an experimental filmmaker and presented work at Plymouth Arts Centre and Watershed Media Centre, Bristol.

She has been based in Plymouth since December She made three films for Animate. Cage of Flame explores menstrual dreams, using a combination of live-action, puppet animation, and scratching on the film to convey haunting and powerful imagery.

Sunset Strip is about a day-by-day diary showing a year of sunsets, rendered directly onto 35mm film stock using various materials including nail varnish, magnolia petals, hair, and net stocking.

Time-lapse becomes transcendent in this record of light and cloud. The third film was Teign Spirit The company has produced many innovative projects including films for satellite-driven screenings in bars and clubs across the UK and social short films and adverts on behalf of disabled people and the environment.

London, 20 July was another artist whose practice lay between animation and video art. Made with silhouette animation, it shows a small train crossing a nocturnal, enchanted landscape.

He collaborated with the writer Russell Hoban to make Deadsy and Door Deadsy is close to video art, mixing 2D traditional animation, CGI, and live-action.

Deadsy is a neo-punk figure who eats live insects and loves everything that is dark and deadly. The narrator is a 3D rolling head.

Door is an animated documentary made for Channel 4, with puppet animation. The setting is a post-apocalyptic world marked by confusion and the loss of language.

In Anderson made In the Time of Angels , another animated documentary. Its themes include traumatic events and the belief that memories are imprisoned in various items, to be freed when the subject realizes and metabolizes his lived drama.

Taplow, began as a painter. She studied filmmaking more formally at the National Film and Television School. Her friendship with the Brothers Quay was very encouraging to her, although her work is influenced more by fine art, especially that made by women in the twentieth century.

During her artistic career, JoWOnder combined animation, art, and classic drama. While there, she produced the live-action The Discreet Call of Nature , about the inner desires of a group of town people on a country trip.

Two-dimensional paper figures, puppet animation, and live-action are used to tell the story of a man who falls in love with a dancer he sees on the top of a skyscraper.

JoWOnder made the paintings over a six-day period, filming them in time-lapse. The installation invites members of the public to leave voicemail messages for Ophelia.

His graduation movies are Anyway and Jukebox Anyway made with 2D traditional animation, computer graphics, and clay animation is a surreal artwork with weird and graceless images.

Jukebox was also made in 2D traditional animation and computer graphics, adding paints and pictures. A boy walks along the streets of a suburban town, meeting strange people, weird animals, and hallucinations.

In Wrake made Ping Batter Pong , showing a ping-pong battle between a modern man and a cowboy. He likes to use collages like Max Ernst, mixed with hand drawings and Super 8 short films, in a quick and dense mix of different styles.

For soundtracks he favours digital and electronic sounds, metropolitan music, and collaborations with artists such as Howie B, Manu Chao, and The Charlatans.

He also made music video clips and commercials. The myth of purity is upset: The music was by Howie B. The Control Master is a short commissioned by Veer, the Canadian visual elements agency, to promote their Charles S.

The film is animated using images from the vast archive; the story has a mysterious heroine and her unknown ally fighting an evil scientist.

Leyland, Lancashire, studied at Liverpool Polytechnic and at the Royal College of Art and almost immediately became a director of commercials.

He was a video artist at heart, putting together images and abstract paintings in his videos. The soundtrack is also very important to him.

Since Starting , he has made many films: Machine Word , Procession , Argument in a Superstore , and Save Me , video art mixed with spare and stylized animation, as emblematic words are crossed with images, colours, symbols, and music.

Save Me was made with Jonathan Hodgson. In Hilton made Six Weeks in June , the animated version of a road movie, in which he covers 11, miles in six weeks through the US in the company of a music band.

The animation is black and white, an ensemble of words, lyrics, and spare paints, illustrating details of the trip and the landscape it crosses.

Twickenham, UK, 16 February made her graduation film Bird Becomes Bird in Ekaterinburg, Russia, where she learned a huge amount from the local artists.

This film, made in 2D traditional animation, shows a small crane as it follows golden fish in a lake in snow, before the eyes of an astonished little girl.

For the girl, the wonderful bird becomes the symbol of a long-desired freedom, to escape from a strict mother.

Lee makes animated films with various techniques: Her films use dreamlike paintings and animals that become other animals in the desperate search for sense, following their personal dreams.

Norwich, UK, crossed the boundaries of traditional animation. He used shadow and silhouette animation, digital manipulation and postproduction, live-action and frame by frame.

It is a Daliesque surrealist documentary, dealing with a taxidermist who embalms animals. A succession of sequences shows the stuffed animals, as well as the inexpressive face of the taxidermist a real man , with melancholic music in the background.

Ray Gun Fun , commissioned by Channel 4, mixes digital animation with live-action figures. Stuck in a traffic jam, a boy fidgets restlessly beside his mother.

To placate him, his mother allows him to open a present, a plastic toy ray gun. When they arrive home, the boy continues to play with his new gun — unfortunately for the objects in his room.

It is about a man, born blind, who gains sight through surgery at the age of fifty. The film tells of the yearning, confusion, and pain of a person who must learn to see the world after spending his life in darkness.

It was followed by the live-action How Long Is a Minute and Bodysong , a documentary about human life with a soundtrack composed by Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead.

It was made with funding from Channel 4. Through documentary interviews, dramatic reconstructions, and CGI animation, it tells the true story of Daniel Paul Schreber, a German lawyer confined to an asylum at the turn of the twentieth century.

He believed he was receiving messages from God and turning into a woman; during his confinement, he wrote his autobiography, Memoirs of My Nervous Illness.

Although much of the film is in live-action, Pummell says: After graduating, he became studio manager at Speedy Films and coordinated adverts and short films for TV.

In he set up a company called Polkadot Productions Ltd and directed and produced the multi-award-winning The Broken Jaw for Channel 4.

In a desperate future suburbia, the only spark of light is the titular pub. Made in 3D computer animation and live-action, the film has scurrilous language and dark backgrounds.

The latter is an irreverent animated series with clay puppets, showing famous singers and bands discussing history and current affairs — for example, Oasis talks about the Vietnam War.

The latter is told through a series of flashbacks. A boy puts together memories of the past, permeated by the admiration he feels for his friend Johnno.

In Shepherd made Silence Is Golden in both live-action and animation. Billy, a young boy, is scared by his neighbour Dennis.

The story is creepy, sad, and full of injustice. Dennis is taken to a mental hospital and Billy wonders why this happens.

In the last thirty years, various small animation studios arose in Britain. They proved vital for the development of new creative ideas and for the patronage and market integration of young talents.

One of the most interesting independent studios is Bolexbrothers, which operates in Bristol. Bolexbrothers made strange films, on the border of animation, which went against market requirements.

They also made successful commercials — for example, for Budweiser — but only to have revenue to make independent films. Tom is a fetus-like infant living in a grim and squalid urban environment.

The film is largely dialogue-free, limited mostly to grunts and other nonverbal vocalizations. It uses a combination of frame-by-frame animation and pixilation; puppets often share the scene with the pixilated live actors.

Aardman has operated in Bristol since the s. It has gone through many different aesthetic, stylistic, and thematic stages while keeping some essentials: The final product is very obviously animated but seems entirely real.

Aardman love cinema homages, tributes to tradition, and looks back to the past. He loves the ritual of tea with crackers and cheese, reading the daily newspaper on his couch, and building strange but working objects.

In their works, Aardman seems to be always researching a sort of perfect time, an ideal period where things are exactly what they should be.

As mentioned above, the studio was founded by school friends Peter Lord b. Bristol, 6 January Initially, Aardman was a small studio with a very low budget.

It was inspired by the classic British World War II movies but set on a Yorkshire farm whose owners decide to move their operation to making chicken pies.

The film plays with some of the darker overtones of farm-as-concentration camp but weakens its possible messages with character comedy centred on the circus rooster Rocky, voiced by Mel Gibson.

Yet the film, under a glaze of humour, treats serious issues such as imprisonment where the individual is exploited to the limit. Chicken Run was the first European film to use Digital Intermediate Process technology, allowing for the postproduction of every single frame and manipulating them before final editing.

In Aardman created the series Angry Kid , about a repulsive year-old boy. The technique is a mix of clay animation, pixilation, and live-action.

This was the first Aardman film made completely by 3D computer technology, though the CGI images are created over clay figures made previously, through special software developed by Aardman.

The film tells the story of Roddy, a posh pet mouse, who falls into the sewer and has many adventures.

It is not possible to explain the success of Aardman without focusing on Nick Park, the creative mind behind the two most famous characters created by the studio: Nick Park was born in Preston, Lancashire, on 6 December These machines are consistently characterized by the way they offer an over-the-top and unworkable solution to a simple problem.

Breakdown, defeat, and chaos are inevitable comic outcomes. They played an important role in the formation of his humour and storytelling, in which local British characters are incongruously placed in Hollywood-style genre adventures.

Park had already decided that animation was what he wanted to pursue. He was also spellbound by all the small aspects of human foibles. This enables Park to represent their perspectives in the guise of animals seemingly commenting on their various habitats.

Everyone is satisfied with his life but thinks he deserves better. For this short, Park won his first Oscar. The animals effectively encapsulated a domestic comfort recognized, embraced, and aspired to by the British public, and the adverts were popular and critically acclaimed.

The series version was directed by Richard Golezowski. Wallace and Gromit run out of cheese, so they decide to build a homemade rocket and go to the moon — which, as everybody knows, is made of cheese.

Their second adventure, The Wrong Trousers , was made in Wallace builds a pair of robotic trousers that can take Gromit for a walk with no effort for Wallace.

Then Wallace rents a room in their house to a suspicious-looking penguin and the film takes a police-story twist.

Everything ends happily with a glorious action finale — Ben Hur in a Wigan back bedroom. The screenplay was written with the help of Bob Baker, a Bristol writer for cinema and television, and in collaboration with the young animator Steve Box.

The music and soundtrack are integral to the films and are always composed by Julian Nott. There really is only one Wallace and Gromit story.

The Curse of the Were-Rabbit , in which Wallace could recognize his failings. This is not the way of British comedy, in which innocence, ignorance, and embarrassment are the staple points of recognition and amusement for Englishmen.

Wallace is a master of them all. Wendolene is the daughter of an inventor who becomes part of a sheep-rustling scam led by her dog, Preston, who turns out to be a robot-dog-gone-wrong.

Park, once more, engages in set piece chases. In one sequence, Wallace and Gromit chase Preston on a motorbike and sidecar. They are more pictorial gags than short films.

As noted earlier, Park particularly enjoys playing out the British parochial sensibility in the frameworks of Hollywood narratives.

The Curse of the Were-Rabbit , codirected with Steve Box, is a Jekyll and Hyde-cum-werewolf story of a monster rabbit plundering village vegetable patches.

The gothic tale is exploited for the ways it provokes fear but inspires fun. Park recognizes that horror and humour are close.

He chooses the laugh not the scare and makes the monster anything but monstrous. Wallace and Gromit are the accidental heroes, now running a humane pest control service.

In an often-overlooked aspect of his work, he uses old-fashioned contexts to make ironic points about contemporary attitudes.

Aardman developed 3D software that reproduced the appearance of clay perfectly, with scratches and fingerprints, for scenes impossible with stop-frame alone.

They export an old-world Britain, reassuring for its subjects, insisting that good humour, warmth, and affection can conquer all.

Once more, progress is made safe by the comforting context of the lost, better, and imaginary past that the duo represent. Wallace has his head in the clouds and is a little neglectful of his faithful dog, who follows him through crazy adventures.

Often Gromit is isolated, ignored, and sacrificed by Wallace. This sort of devotion is truly fascinating. Park situates his work in the tradition of the novelist and playwright Alan Bennett, the poet John Betjeman, the filmmaker Mike Leigh, and the comedienne and actress Victoria Wood.

Arthur Cox Studio specializes in all things moving. The studio was originally founded by animators Sally Arthur and Sara Cox and grew in size and diversity through the years.

She earned a degree there and became interested in animation. Local teacher and animator Peter Leake helped make her first film, Picassoesque , based on a poem by Julia Darling.

In Cox made 3 Ways to Go , a short exploring the meaning of death and last moments. Three people will die separately — one by suicide, one in a car crash, and one by drowning — but they are united by an invisible thread.

Then came Pain Pleasure , commissioned by Channel 4, and Heavy Pockets , a sad story of school bullies. His first short film was Spotless Dominoes In he made Ah Pook Is Here!

Burroughs and was inspired by his live reading performances. The film is made in black and white, with overlaps, collage, and puppet and objects animation.

The visual style is dreamlike and stylized and the animation rocky, immediate, and punchy. Jo Jo is a silver trapeze artist, secretly beloved by a mysterious figure.

In a brutal and wretched world, the two lovers desperately resist jealousy and selfishness. A strange little creature has the strenuous task of protecting the world and risks losing itself in pettiness and indifference.

But everything, it is soon revealed, has its dark side. In he made Rabbit Punch , about the life and drama of a year-old boy. He contends with a confused sexual identity, the responsibilities of growing up, and dangerous friends.

The film gained attention worldwide. In , Daniel Greaves b. From , he worked as a freelancer for several studios, but in the same year he founded his own London studio, Tandem Films, with Nigel Pay.

His main themes are metamorphosis and the collision of reality with fantasy. He often revives ideas from the past, which he sees as relevant to the present.

Manipulation won an Oscar. A small drawn figure suffers harassment and manipulation by its creator. Then it goes wild, becomes three-dimensional, and runs away through a wastebasket.

The film is a good colour play in red. Rabbit Rabbit , made by Tandem Films, shows a stylized rabbit that multiplies itself continuously, first in blue on a white background and then in white on a blue background, following the pattern and graphic of a kaleidoscope.

Greaves animated the film as a single character hopping round the screen; the art was then defined using water-based ink.

This simple action becomes a complex graphic pattern, thanks to the complicated repositioning of each original drawing.

In Greaves made Flat World , about a three-dimensional world where the objects and people are two-dimensional. The film consists of small examples of human foolishness, each told briefly.

Beginning, Middle and End mixed live-action and 2D in a poetic play of Chinese boxes that contain flowers, fruits, letters, and animals.

It is the circle of life, presented in an unusual way. It counts many talented animators among its collaborators, including Suzie Templeton and Chris Gavin.

Ignacio Ferrera directed How to Cope with Death in Death comes in person to Earth to take away a very old lady, who has no intention of being taken.

It tells the story of an evil little man who has designs on the whole world but still lives with his old and oppressive mother.

Shynola is the collective name of a group formed in The Shynola group made video art works and music videos for British music bands, including Radiohead, Coldplay, Beck, and Blur.

They made only a few shorts, but these were of great quality. The Littlest Robo , for example, is about the unlikely friendship between an orphan boy and a small robot, both alone, exploited by neglectful grown-ups.

Sylvie Bringas founded Animus Film. She trained in France as a visual artist and moved to the UK in After studying animation filmmaking, she joined forces with the documentary and animation producer Orly Yadin.

They established Halo Productions as a creative home for independent animation filmmaking aimed at adult audiences. In they wrote, directed, and produced the short documentary animation Silence for Channel 4.

It is the story of a Jewish girl who must keep her silence about her traumatic experience during World War II. But she needs to talk about what has happened; the pain can be overcome only when shared.

It is based on the true case of Tana Ross, a Jewish woman who was a child in Terezin concentration camp. At the start, the animation is black and white; later, colours appear.

It involves a teenage terrorist, his suffering mother, and his indomitable grandmother. In , she produced The Cat with Hands , which was written, directed, and animated by Robert Morgan, about a cat slowly becoming human.

Milan, 26 January It used pencil on paper and 2D animation to tell a poetic tale about a grandmother and a child walking in the woods with a bag full of kittens.

Made with 3D computer animation and puppets, it is the story of two Siamese twins who are separated, and the extraordinary consequences.

There is no dialogue, only sound effects and music. With Morgan as writer-director, Bringas produced Monsters , a live-action film.

An animated soft-porn film, it is a story of love and passion, betrayal and death, with an ironic aftertaste and a gaunt graphic style. In , Emma Calder b.

London, 7 May made the animated short Madame Potatoe , a cult film of its time. It received many prizes, including a Silver Hugo in Chicago.

The film rails poetically against the horrors of war that change a person deep inside. Memories, fantasies, obsessions, and guilt are mixed in a masterful way.

The studio closed after the making of the feature film Balto Afterwards, many of its animators worked for DreamWorks.

Asylum Film worked in commercials for many famous brands and produced animation special effects. This Is Where We Live is a commercial made for the twenty-fifth anniversary of the publisher 4th Estate.

A paper man comes out of a book on a shelf and begins walking through a city made of print paper.

Cosgrove Hall Films was one of the biggest and most productive European studios, dealing with every kind of animation. It was founded in by Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall, directors and producers.

Count Duckula — was a perhaps more sophisticated comedy about a neurotic, vegetarian vampire duck and his towering castle servants, Igor and Nanny.

The comedy Albie , about the zany adventures of a little boy, combined traditional drawings with CGI textures.

Cosgrove Hall was closed by ITV in In , the studio was commissioned by S4C to make Happy Valley , a preschool series illustrating nursery rhymes and doggerel.

Griffilms Studio deals with original niche productions, realized for the most part in 3D and computer graphics. Sullivan Bluth Studio found itself in financial difficulty after the poor box-office returns of its features All Dogs Go to Heaven and Rock-a-Doodle In , it closed.

All this coincided with the introduction of digital technology, which caused the downsizing of animation studios worldwide and allowed indigenous entrepreneurs to think big and spend little.

The gap left by the big studios started to be filled by brand-new ones. Animated auteur shorts also got under way, mostly thanks to the reestablishment of The Irish Film Board in It was called Frameworks and was an annual money award for a selection of animated shorts.

These shorts were launched at the Galway Film Fleadh, the oldest animation festival in Ireland. Frameworks was followed by similar schemes including Oscailt and Short Shorts, open to both live-action and animation.

Irish Flash, made to encourage new animators working in this digital format, opened in and ran for four years. As well as schemes for shorts, the agency also invested up to 1.

The Irish Film Board was an enormous supporter of the animation industry, developing and investing in new and established talent through the late s and the s.

Such funding helped the industry grow and gave independent animators opportunities to develop their own projects.

Despite all of this, the industry was — comparatively — still small. Many studios produced series for international clients and developed original projects in parallel.

This continual change of register is probably the strength of Irish animation. All were funded by the IFB. There were also several literary adaptations.

Among the large studios, Quin Films 28 and Fred Wolf Films remained active in the mids, mostly producing television series.

In , it split into Monster Distributes, which finances and distributes TV series worldwide, and Monster Animation, which creates the animation.

London, , creator of the series Fluffy Gardens and Ballybraddan He also directed the shorts Dublin 1 and Not There Yet , the latter about the Irish transport system and the daily obstacles for travellers using it.

In , Cathal Gaffney b. Dublin, founded Brown Bag Films. It originated in a set of s recordings of children reading Bible stories, made by a teacher as a learning aid.

Animated in a documentary style, complete with wobbly camera moves, the film has a little girl give her own version of the John the Baptist story.

In another Brown Bag production was nominated: It is a comic version of Sleeping Beauty, made in a mix of 3D and droll flat animation.

The short renders the nineteenth-century cultural mood in a nightmare atmosphere mixed with irony, ridiculing death to exorcize it.

Loocymoon is a 3D dreamlike story about a little girl who is enchanted by the moon. In he directed Guns, Bees and Tadpoles in which a summer day for an ordinary family becomes the pretext for a depiction of s Northern Ireland.

In , Tomm Moore and Paul Young brought together a group of young animators and started an informal partnership.

This grew into the Cartoon Saloon studio in Kilkenny, southeast Ireland. The studio produced high-quality commercials, films, and series such as Skunk Fu!

A comic artist and illustrator, Tomm Moore was born in Newry in He directed two shorts, Dress Rehearsal and Couch Potato , before devoting himself to his first feature, The Secret of Kells.

The project, developed and directed with Nora Twomey, came from an ambition that Moore had since his college days to base an animated film on something significant in Irish art.

The film imaginatively retells its creation. Brendan is a twelve-year-old orphan who lives in the Kells monastery and likes to spend his days in the scriptorium.

Brother Aidan, a master illuminator, appears one day with a manuscript of great beauty. The boy is also helped by the fairy girl Aisling, who becomes his best friend and a vital ally.

The overall style is inspired by Celtic and medieval Irish art — from the masterly backgrounds created and overseen by the art director, the painter Ross Stewart, to the character animation.

The latter was originally planned in a Disney style but went through a progressive simplification. The movie was applauded by the critics and the public, receiving an Academy Award nomination in and audience awards at the Annecy and Edinburgh film festivals.

In , she directed her first short, From Darkness , blending traditional hand-drawn figures with computer-generated backgrounds. The plot is from an Inuit folk tale.

A woman cast into the sea returns in the form of a dreadful skeleton and appears to a lonely fisherman. The poetic, wordless film has a superb opening sequence and a touching passage portraying the regeneration of the body; such elements make the film at once powerful and delicate.

Made as a fake commercial, Celtic Maidens pokes fun at the international Rose of Tralee competition, celebrated among Irish communities all over the world.

Maeve Connolly observed Celtic Maidens sharply identifies it as a point of convergence for a set of enduring myths concerning Irish emigration, feminine purity and rural identity […] Much of Celtic Maidens is characterized by the linear aesthetic of cel animation and graphic caricature, but the opening sequence employs photographic landscape imagery, evoking an array of cinematic and photographic texts, from The Quiet Man John Ford, to the postcards of John Hinde and photomontage pastiches of Sean Hillen.

A boy, born with his head backwards, manages to be accepted by other people and, above all, by his father.

The short blends various techniques to create different textures and the comedy and drama are well mixed. Magma Films, in Galway, focused on feature films as well.

Kavaleer Productions was founded and led by Andrew Kavanagh b. The animation follows his stream of thoughts, creating a colourful, changeable mental universe through crude, raw drawings and expressionistic colours.

In Kavanagh directed The Milliner , an allegorical tale about the individual versus the masses. The short is set in a perfectly organized world populated by identical individuals drawn as hundreds of jigsaws all wearing the same bowler hat.

A random error sets off a chain of events that will eventually break the mechanical efficiency. The short shows the troubled dreams of a writer who falls asleep on his notebook.

The essential, elegant drawing and symbolic colours suit the fine characterization. The short depicts real and imaginary scenarios, climaxing in a poetic ending.

In , Alan Shannon b. Kerry, and Mark Cumberton. He directed and animated commercials and series as well as a short.

Badly Drawn Roy is an ingenious fake-documentary about an animated boy born in an ordinary live-action Dublin family. The latter is a witty tale made in a cut-out style.

It combines a range of materials and elements — cardboard, tinfoil, paint on glass animation, and Super 8 film footage together create a dreamy, handmade look.

In , Louise Bagnall b. Dublin, joined the studio. She animated and directed Colour Contamination portraying a white, clean-cut businessman who must face his worst fears in a colourful world, and Donkey One of the first Irish animators was Steve Woods b.

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Black Lake Self-contained prequel to the hit psychological thriller A small tourist cruiser on the Stockholm archipelago drops a motley array of people on an apparently deserted island.

The island is called Kallskär and it has a dark history. This is where cholera patients were transported in the 19th century, refugees from the Baltic states were held there during the war, and then troublesome delinquents in the s.

The island with its dramatic shoreline has always been a fated place dealing in matters of life and death, and now it is the headquarters for life coach Uno Leijon, where he runs a treatment centre for addicts.

For two weeks lost souls have to endure his methods, without any possibility of them leaving the island.

A trying time awaits them, both physically and mentally. And the dramatic past of the island makes its presence felt.

As the course of treatment starts to fall apart for the participants, an old murder mystery is brought to light. Is history about to repeat itself? Richard Jarnhed, Per Simonsson Producers: Lotta Westberg Executive Producers: Couple Trouble A warm, amusing and honest love story about a modern-day relationship Anders and Lise are married, in their 30s, love each other and have a wonderful daughter.

The two of them are forced to laugh and cry their way through the history of their relationship; the intense highs of passion, romance and adventure; and also the lows of affairs, jealousy, disappointments and endless misunderstandings.

Will the counselling help them and can they stomach hearing the truth, allowing love to return to their relationship? Nothing seems to be able to counter his frightful ambition, to extend his Kingdom and impose his reign over Europe as a whole.

But dreams have a price. Madame De Maintenon, his new favourite, drags him into implementing absolutism, causing conflicts in the court.

The king can no longer tolerate any further dissension from his people, the Protestants or the Pope himself. Vampires, cops and mobsters Juda is a low-life gambler hustling a living in the murky depths of the criminal underworld.

Borrowing money from the French mafia for a seat at a high-stakes Romanian poker game he wins big, only for his luck to run out when he is robbed and bitten by a seductive vampiress.

Unbeknownst to her she has broken the cardinal rule of her forefathers by drinking Jewish blood and begun her own path to mortality.

Facing a race against time she must choose; exterminate Juda within eight days before his transition is complete.

His season one battle with Eve Thorogood brought him closer to death than ever before. One day at a roadhouse an affable tour guide stands next to him for a soft drink and an opportunity presents itself.

With deadly wildlife, growing terror and extreme weather — every moment is a battle. Wolf Creek Stan Australia — series 1 broke all viewing records, more than doubling the next best series.

But there are still strangers in the midst. What do they want? Arms are pointed at one another.

No one wants to back down. Meanwhile, it becomes increasingly obvious that the premise for ruling the country is set by somebody else, resulting in a governmental crisis.

The silk glove is turning into an iron fist. This crisis situation spurs a chain of conflicts that has severe consequences both politically and on a personal level.

The question that everybody has to ask themselves constantly, now that the pressure is increasing, and which is the premise of the entire season is: A crime drama about blood, love and human relationships Set in the steel town of Port Talbot, loner Sam has his life transformed when he comes into possession of a gun and starts to break the law.

His ambitious policewoman sister Gina is paid to uphold it and makes it her mission to find the owner of the weapon. Jacob Ifan, Catrin Stewart Scriptwriter: Philip John, Ashley Way Producer: Catrin Lewis Defis Executive Producers: When a close childhood friend suddenly passes away Rebecka reluctantly returns to Kiruna, the place where she grew up.

On investigation Martinsson soon discovers that her friend was actually murdered and she refuses to leave until she has uncovered the truth.

Rebecka is pulled into a thrilling hunt for the murderer who she thinks may kill again. As she homes in on the truth, Rebecka is forced to confront a traumatic past event which still haunts her and caused her to abandon the very place she lived as a child.

Mattias Grosin, Henrik Engström Director: Vidago Palace A love story between two young people from different classes, ready to face all obstacles Vidago Palace is a story set in an extraordinary historical context, in a spectacular and luxurious spa hotel which opened in Vidago at the beginning of the 20th century to cater for the most select members of European society.

As fate would have it the summer of was to be an unforgettable one. This is the story of a woman fighting to steer her destiny in a world that is collapsing, changing and swarming in danger.

Alfonso Blanco Portocabo and Hop! On The Edge A bold and uncompromising three-part anthology looking at life in Britain today These distinct but thematically linked films shine a light on key perspectives of the justice system — the story of a criminal, a witness and a victim — and serve up a raw slice of real life in contemporary Britain.

Aimee has spent most of her youth in and out of prison. Both are trapped in vicious cycles. Can they help each other find a way out?

The lives of young mum Josephine and her 11 year old son Ishmael are overturned when he witnesses a gangland crime on their estate and is asked to testify against the killer.

Free-spirited Ashley refuses to grow up, enabled by sensible flatmate Becca. When Ashley is forced to confront a reality she tried to bury in her past, their faithful bond is tested.

Through The Gates Writer: Anwar Boulifa That Girl Writer: Dionne Edwards Executive Producers: Ben Bickerton, Philip Trethowan. A tense psychological thriller 40 year old Caroline lives an ideal life with a beautiful house, a loving husband and an 11 year old son.

A modern and dynamic woman, she works in a surgery treating mostly female and upper class patients. One day, on the same journey Caroline makes daily between her house and work, she sees a man who is ready to jump from a bridge.

He is so familiar to her. Why does she not call emergency services straight away? Why does she risk her own life to rescue him? And why does she offer him therapy?

Perhaps her life is not that ideal… Starring: Vincent has everything he needs in life to be happy. However one day he is witness to a deadly accident which rekindles a terrible event from his past.

Vincent now finds himself in danger of losing everything. Eventually he must come to terms with the drama of his past and realise that he is the victim of Yann who has manipulated him.

Shamed In this timely single drama a 27 year old woman exacts revenge for her teenage self Aged 17, Sarah Ivy was a happy, carefree teenager with a world of opportunity before her.

Fast forward 10 years and she has two men kidnapped and held in a room. The first is Nathan Bowyar, who is looking forward to his stag do and wedding day.

Neither of them believe they know Sarah, or what she would want with them, but Sarah knows. What happened to her? What has led her to this? And what will be the fate of Nathan and Mani?

As the plot progresses the connection between Nathan, Mani and Sarah reveals itself. The role social media has played in their lives becomes clear; it has been used to shame each one of them.

Rachel Wardlow Executive Producer: Colin Barr Minnow Films for Channel 4. In this true story, a group of excited children and their teachers embarked on a trip to a volcanic plateau in New Zealand for a confidence-boosting, team-building exercise promoting environmental awareness.

No one would have predicted that a multitude of factors would collide together resulting in the deaths of seven — faulty technology, an extreme weather pattern, instructor inexperience, distracted staff and a lack of training.

This drama remembers what happened that fateful day — a cruel twist of fate, a tragic loss of young lives that should never have come about.

But out of this tragedy has come an inspiring story of bravery and human resilience. Jean Flying solo The story of how Jean Batten, a s aviator and celebrity risked everything to become the first person to fly solo from England to her homeland of New Zealand.

In , Jean Batten is on top of the world. A brilliant aviator, she has fame, fortune and a man, Beverly Shepherd, who adores her. But her ultimate dream is to be the first person to fly solo from England to her homeland New Zealand, a flight critics dismiss as foolish, given the expanse of the treacherous Tasman Sea.

Undeterred, Batten embarks on the epic flight, overcoming dust storms, monsoons, enervating heat and near misses.

Her successful arrival in New Zealand causes an outpouring of love and adulation from her homeland. Profoundly depressed, Jean gives up on flying.

One of the most powerful true stories in New Zealand history. After witnessing the attempted beheading of a Mongrel Mob member by the Black Power right outside his home, Chris Crean, a young church going family man, felt he only had one choice — to stand against the gangs and bear witness in court.

The police pleaded with Chris to go into witness protection, and the Black Power put a hit on his life. After three attempts he was shot at his own home.

Philly de Lacey, Alex Clark. Fast paced and irreverent, this criticallyacclaimed and wildly funny comedy series, satirizes our daily lives, celebrating the absurd and highlighting the down-right embarrassing.

The brilliant all-female cast draws upon 15 years of comedy experience and multiple collaborations to present an insightful, emotionally grounded series capturing the banalities of just trying to get along in the world.

Offering a witty take on everyday. Monica Heisey, Mae Martin. Aleysa Young Executive Producers: Karoliina and Niklas Lindgren, Kris Gummerus.

Niklas Lindgren Executive Producer: For Romain, the move is a return to his roots, a chance to reconnect with old school friends, Fred and Daniel, and to open his new practice as a psychologist.

For feisty Parisian Anna, heavily pregnant with their first child, the move is a leap into the unknown. Can Romain help Fred negotiate a fairer distribution of household chores?

As financial pressures build, maybe a weekend visit from some intellectual Parisian friends, or a New Year group holiday to Normandy, will help… or maybe not!

Their youthful hopes are dashed as they discover that raising a child, maintaining a marriage and furthering a career is the same as it ever was. Their lives revolve around the same social events, the same arguments and the same problems as their parents did — just with fancier electronics.

The wonderful unpredictability of human chemistry is the essence of this entertainment format. Diverse singers are brought together in a brand new kind of audition to discover one unique and surprising vocal partnership the nation will fall in love with.

A giant curtain divides them, only when two voices combine to create one magical sound is the curtain raised and the singers are revealed to each other.

In that ecstatic moment the singers become a duo and move on to the next phase in the episode. Once duos are formed they must perform for the first time together in the episode showdown.

Can they reignite the spark that brought them together? The winner will be two individual voices brought together by fate to create one unique and harmonious sound.

This format dares all hobby cooks, home bakers, foodies and culinary inventors to mesmerise the judges and the entire nation by creating their own plate, snack, drink or recipe.

Under the guidance of a comical host duo the contestants battle during the preliminaries for the desired tickets to the big finale. But first they will have to convince the jury, which consists of big names from the media and food scene, of the potential, originality, quality and of course the amazing taste of their food invention.

Nowadays, incredible performers have changed our expectations, and crowds around the world are filling arenas to be blown away by ambitious live events.

With live auditions we give the viewers a feeling of being at a live concert, and it allows them to interact from the very beginning. Who has what it takes to put on a breathtaking show?

Who will stun the audience and claim the big stage for themselves? Treasure Map Fly away on an adventure race over the nation Take off on a breathtaking quest that makes you discover — or rediscover — your country; its gorgeous sights, unique crafts and customs, but also its history and secrets.

Set in a different region each time, two contestants race against time and each other to solve riddles inspired by the area. For their quest they use helicopters for the challenge, flying over beautiful landscapes and heritage sites.

While on the ground, they ask local people for. Only the fastest contestants will open the Compass which holds the cryptic directions to the treasure, but will they be able to unravel the final mystery and find the prize before time runs out?

Popular with younger demos more than doubling the slot average. Season 2 already commissioned A locally based adventure game with standalone episodes Spin-off of the cult classic format Treasure Hunt.

Cook inside the box, think outside the box In this relay cooking game show being good at cooking is not enough. The teams will face an unpredictable twist: With just a few clues to pick up and only seconds to communicate, the skill they need to master is teamwork.

In each episode, two teams families, friends, workmates… enter visually and acoustically isolated cooking boxes to face three challenges. The first is about intuition: The second is about communication: The final round is a showdown between two contestants: In the end, who will win in this game of taste, intuition and strategic cooking?

What happens when you mix a quiz with ten pin bowling? In this entertaining game show, two celebrities help a contestant try and win a big cash prize.

To climb the money ladder, they have to answer multiple choice questions. The trick is the better they bowl the easier it gets.

Each question has 12 possible choices and one player bowls before each question. For each pin that they knock down, a wrong answer is removed and if they make a strike, they climb directly to the next step without having to answer at all!

But be careful, one single mistake and the contestant leaves empty handed, unless the amount has been locked in before. During each game there are two locks but will the contestant use them at the right moment or take the risk to wait for more money.

This new competition gives four pairs of celebrities with a passion for food, the chance to launch and run their own restaurant.

One will be in the kitchen,. Under the watchful eye of a top-notch chef, the duos have precious little time to come up with a concept and look, put together a menu and get cooking.

First they receive some help and advice from the chef while they test their menu on a panel of friends and family. After a first round of duels, the finalists will face the toughest challenge of all, three days of full shifts.

How do they handle stress, who can deliver the smoothest service and most of all who will serve the most delicious food and win over the critics, chef and customers?

During their trip they have to travel a set course from A to B and overcome multiple challenges. Through all of this they must also survive on a very limited budget.

With the universal language of gestures and the power of positivity, what could possibly go wrong? Haves and have nots share the same house, bonding or falling out while they face increasingly challenging tasks and regularly vote to send out the least deserving pairs home.

Obese people go on a journey to heal their mind, body and soul This programme follows the journey of eight obese people over three months as they discover the barriers preventing them from optimum health in mind, body and soul.

In each episode, one participant seeks to understand and overcome their negative coping behaviours with the encouragement and insight of Paralympian and athlete experts who have triumphed over their own adversity and learned that a positive mindset is the key to overcoming barriers.

At the end each participant tackles a physical objective that reveals how their life and attitude have progressed over the course of their journey to health.

These brave patients commit to a drastic treatment based on an ultra-low calorie diet, that could reverse the condition in just eight short weeks.

The format follows them living together at the Clinic, and struggling to keep up with the treatment at home. It also focuses on prevention with celebrities at risk of diabetes checking in to learn how they can avoid developing the condition altogether.

Based on cutting edge research and devised in coordination with medical institutions, this is popular science at its best, striking the perfect balance between informative and entertaining.

Could this revolutionary clinic be the answer to a severe health crisis? Game show requiring a keen eye and sharp first impressions Do you have the makings of a modern day Sherlock Holmes?

Then you could go home rich in this brand new game show. In each game, a duo of contestants are faced with a group of strangers. To win, they have to guess the connections between the central protagonist, and the other seven characters.

But beware, an intruder is hidden in the panel! The contestants get to test six characters in studio to try and find out the correct links.

Once the match is locked, the team banks money for each correct connection but to walk home with their jackpot they will have to answer a series of questions about the protagonist.

Will they trust their wits and risk their whole jackpot or split it to get some help from the host? Survivor is a show that tests the spirit of a group of ordinary, and yet extraordinary, people.

Marooned on an uninhabited tropical island, with little more than the clothes on their backs and their own animal cunning, every second of their adventure as castaways is recorded over several weeks.

As they catch their own food, build their own shelter and order their own society, castaways must compete in increasingly difficult tests of strategy, guile and ruthlessness.

With an unforgettable twist every episode climaxes with the tense drama of the Tribal Council. The castaways gather to vote one of their group off the island.

The vote is by secret ballot, and the castaways may have different motives for casting their vote resentment, jealousy or even a personality clash but the result of the Tribal Council is final and one castaway must be eliminated in each episode.

Temptation Island The ultimate test of faithfulness Take four couples in committed relationships and get them to spend 12 days and nights in paradise — without their partner.

Life in both camps is filled with wild parties and romantic escapades. After the twelfth night the couples are reunited.

Stars On The Rocks Two celebrities, castaway for charity Stranded on the shores of a mysterious remote island, two celebrities embark on the adventure of a lifetime, pushing themselves to the limit and all for a good cause.

Cut off from the world, the stars are left to fend for themselves in the wild for five gruelling days; but surviving is just the start of it.

Miles away from the island, the host awaits the celebrities on a boat to take them back to civilisation.

On the island, stripped of their fame and status, the participants reveal who they are and what they are made of. The ultimate time-travelling game show adventure A team of five contestants, led by an eccentric Maze Master, journey through four fantastical time zones in this epic adventure game show.

Set within an astonishing maze, each of the four time zones — Medieval, Aztec, Industrial and Futuristic — is a unique and visually stunning world that challenges the team in different ways.

In each zone a team of excitable characters choose who will tackle a variety of Physical, Mystery, Mental and Skill games in a bid to win elusive crystals worth five seconds in the iconic show finale — the legendary Crystal Dome.

The team use their time to collect gold tickets in a bid to secure a grand prize. Channel 4 UK — 2 entertainment series in TV3 Denmark — tripled slot and almost 6 times the average for target demo TV3 Sweden — especially popular in the target demo A perfect mix of strategy, heroism and spectacular challenges Production hub available.

The Bravest True courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to overcome it! Each episode features two epic trials, group challenges and duels, sending the weakest contestant home one by one until The Bravest is crowned.

Temperatures drop as the competition heats up, combining terrifying missions, intense rivalry and spectacular scenery with the challenge of completing a 2,km journey on snow, ice and water.

Drama and action are at every turn. Each week, one of the competitors is eliminated, and in the end only the strongest, most determined and smartest will reach 71 Degrees North!

This unrivalled primetime phenomenon is still at the top of its game thanks to successful relaunches and new commissions in many territories.

The action takes place in an imposing 19th century fortress built in the middle of the ocean — a truly unique and intimidating setting.

It provides the perfect backdrop for strenuous against-the-clock physical challenges and mind-boggling riddles which push contestants to their limits and beyond.

They must also crack codes and confront strange characters in order to reach the famous Treasure Room, which is guarded by tigers!

Only the fittest and most intelligent contestants can hope to conquer Fort Boyard. Celebrating 29 years in production More than 1, episodes made in 30 territories A proven hit in France 29 series , Sweden 20 series , Denmark, Russia, Germany, Canada, UK First season in Finland launched this summer and coming back in Germany this fall Prima Czech Republic — a hit in and recommissioned in Markiza Slovakia — launched summer A spin-off kids version has enjoyed success in the US and UK.

Tribes of beautiful people compete to attract new members to their apparently idyllic island communities.

Drama, intrigue and romance are guaranteed when two teams of good-looking contestants compete for a big cash prize. Being marooned on a South Pacific island, isolated from civilisation, can be paradise or purgatory depending on how the competition is progressing.

There is strength in numbers so the rival communities use every conceivable tactic to convince each new arrival to join them since the largest tribe will take home the prize.

Returning in the UK early , this classic reality hit is coming back in a supercharged version for a new generation, packed with secrets, hidden treasures, tempting traps and cunning twists.

The game show where your only lifeline is a bunch of kids Child Support is a studio-based game show featuring adult contestants and priceless interactions between a comedian and a group of five unpredictable kids.

Contestants are asked to answer 10 open-ended questions to earn the top prize. If they answer correctly, they move up the money ladder.

If they answer incorrectly, the contestants have a chance to be saved by the five kids who have been asked the same. If the children also get the answer wrong, the contestant leaves the game emptyhanded.

But if even one of the five kids gets the answer correct, the contestant has been saved, and they continue on.

Rob your opponents but beware, the Guillotine might slash your prize In The Legacy, six contestants compete in a variety of games to take home a hefty cash prize.

At the start of the game, the prize fund is split in equal shares between the players but harmony is short lived and soon the stealing starts!

After each round, the weakest contestant picks an opponent in an attempt to save themselves. This series of merciless knockouts culminates with the iconic money round — The Guillotine — that will decide the fate of the finalist.

In this high stakes round the jackpot is halved for every wrong answer, but the finalist can come back to fight another day and try to increase their earnings.

Can they find love at first swipe? With the rise of dating apps, looking for love has turned into a spectator sport. In this daring, modern dating show, join everyday singles who look for love from the comfort of their couches with the help of their hilarious friends and families.

Follow our lovable cast on their dates and back on the couches, as from episode to episode they keep flicking for Mr or Mrs Right.

Nine Network Australia — aired with strong ratings for the younger demos The dating show with its own app. Get to know your country behind the numbers This fun factual entertainment series layers graphics of statistics over intimate stories of real people.

It explores how households across the country compare to one another while allowing the viewer to discover where they themselves fit into the bigger picture.

Each fascinating, light-hearted episode focuses on one important aspect of our lives to reveal both our similarities and our differences.

Social House With a little help from my friends, fans and followers In this never attempted before experiment, a duo of famous vloggers set out to prove that virtual communities can make a difference in reality.

Digital stars settle in a dilapidated house; they have one month and nothing more than an internet connection and a couple of smartphones to try and enroll people to help them renovate the place and transform it into a community centre.

They start with absolutely nothing — no tools, no water, no furniture, no food! The format combines a real-world event with a digital and a linear programme.

Members of the public can follow the progress of the experiment in real time on social media and are constantly invited to take part by providing material help.

Then the whole story is retold through episodes aired on the channel. Public Games The first fully interactive social media reality show 24 participants, ruled by an all-knowing artificial intelligence.

A big cash prize at stake. This cutting-edge reality format pits four teams of contestants against each other, selected from online communities that form their support base.

Players all live together under the watchful eye of The Bot, the computer programme that runs the game.

Their fate lies with the viewers — who will be saved? Fox Life Italy — doubled slot average through season 1 and tripled it for the final episode 2 seasons aired Easy to watch entertainment show to which everyone can relate An engaging blend of gossip and empathy Highly adaptable to a daily slot.

In every episode, one brave mum opens her door to three other mothers, who judge her daily routine. Are they top or a flop at playtime, mealtime and bedtime?

What about road safety and body insecurity? Each mum has something to teach and something to learn, but the contestants can be brutal in their judgements.

Fortunately, two celebrity parents a father figure and an impartial mum and an education expert, are on hand to provide emotional and practical support.

Each mother gives a score out of 10, but the team can award bonus points. Celebrity School Celebrities head back to the class room This new primetime entertainment format pits a panel of four celebrities against groups of elementary, middle and high school brainboxes.

Packed with surprising experiments, unique music challenges, trivia, action and nostalgic VTs of childhood classrooms, this is family entertainment at its very best.

The famous contestants face three rounds of four games each inspired by a chosen school topic such as English, Maths or Science.

As the quiz progresses, the kids get older, the questions get trickier and the points get bigger. The final speed round can lead to dramatic changes in fortune and the winners get cash for their current or former schools.

Every country has its regional rivalry, but when it comes to food, it makes for finger-licking clashes. The competition is divided into three knockout heats — in which the loser of each duel is eliminated — a semi-final and the grand finale, where one will be crowned Best Regional Chef.

Local flavours and cultures are one of the main riches of any country, and this format explores the many delicious differences that are the spice of life.

Now into a fourth season. An additional 80 episodes in production An authentic cooking show that celebrates local food and chefs.

In this game show celebrities win money for disclosing personal secrets. Guests must answer 10 provocative questions on real life events covering topics such as their career, love, divorce, children, parents and health.

For most of them the show is a dramatic opportunity to confess their secrets. But not many will dare to answer the most difficult final question — a truthful answer will be rewarded with a massive cash prize.

It is hard to surprise the host who keeps a file on every celebrity and carefully prepares questions for each and every guest.

To get to the truth the host invites witnesses to confirm facts right in front of the audience, never missing an opportunity to uncover anything from gastronomic predilections to personal tragedies to youthful indiscretions.

Extraordinary pranks and hilarious reactions This cool entertaining format takes a bunch of prankster-kids, and basically, well… just sets them free!

It is naive as it is wild, brand new, yet classy, youthful but still responsible, and most of all — hilarious. Kids from all over are invited to spend time with the magnificent Gotcha!

Can rapid intimacy lead to love? This hands-on social experiment format sees two complete strangers meet for the very first time, and undress each other in a bedroom.

The couple are given instructions and questions to encourage physical and emotional interaction. Meanwhile, we get their profiles, with all the juicy details of their personal histories, and directions to encourage the interaction between the couple.

What happens when they hug for 30 seconds? Based on a series of scientific tests that look at accelerating the process of falling in love through heightened intimacy, and bodily contact, Undressed puts the theory into practice.

After 20 minutes together, each couple faces the kiss test. Will embarrassment overcome them? Will they click or even fall in love?

Will they stay or will they go? Watch your heroes hanging out together and singing their hearts out. In each episode, the spotlight is on one of the stars while the others interpret their catalogue of hits, each in their own style.

Remember, the pressure is really on — the person who made the song famous is sitting just a few feet away. Accompanied by a fantastic live backing band, expect never-beforeheard interpretations of big hits from.

A proven hit in 11 countries: All Against 1 Can one contestant beat the entire nation? In this bold, addictive format, the contestant and the viewers are all asked the same questions, based on the outcome of a variety of unique and outlandish experiments, ranging from everyday science to crazy sports dares or spectacular stunts.

Nelonen Finland — series 1 doubled primetime slot average. Season 3 just launched. NRK Norway — ratings above slot average.

Second season in production. Digital phenomenon, perfectly integrated second screen app with record downloads. Can the contestant outsmart everybody else or will a lucky viewer claim the winnings for themselves?

Big Fan The biggest stars versus their biggest fans A studio-based game show featuring one celebrity and three of their most dedicated fans, who battle it out to prove who is the ultimate super fan.

The winner moves on to the final round in an ultimate showdown, where they go head to head with their idol.

Could the super fan really know more about the star than they do about themselves? If the super fan wins, their reward is a priceless experience with the celebrity they admire most.

A true breakthrough in primetime entertainment, this unique format brings the world of apps and TV together, enabling fans to duet with their favourite singers… and become stars themselves.

Packed with high notes and high emotion, Fantastic Duo showcases the amazing talents of both wannabe singers and established stars.

Using a karaoke app, it invites viewers to sing along with exclusive versions of hit songs recorded specially.

To audition, or just for fun, fans upload videos of their half of the duet. The most-liked get to sing with their heroes in front of a live studio audience.

In each stand-alone episode, new stars select their perfect singing partner. The duet of the winning Fantastic Duo is immediately made available on music platforms, turning successful contestants into instant chart-toppers.

The irreverent TV-themed panel show where nothing is sacred This hilarious hit format sees a witty host put a panel of opinionated guests — TV commentators, comedians and celebrities — through their paces in a series of fast-paced formatted segments that catch up on, discuss and make fun of the latest shows and news in the TV world.

Plus resident comedians perform parody skits and celebrity guests drop by for a chat. Ding dong, do you know the songs?

Eight closed doors, each with a doorbell that chimes out a popular song! Can the contestants recognise hit tunes in this wacky form?

Each door hides a star impersonator, and the contestant who can reveal the most lookalikes goes through to the final round.

Wonderkids The true meaning of talent Classical arts can move us, but when the performer is only a child, vying to reach perfection, the emotion is even greater.

To win, contestants will need to overcome a range of fantastic obstacle courses and challenges. Wild Things is a funny and physical game show that plays on the universal themes of slapstick and couples bickering about directions.

The best of them then perform in front of a live studio audience, battling for the title and a large cash prize.

They must prove their brightness across a range of robust and entertaining challenges aimed at testing all forms of intelligence. Much more than a general knowledge test, they must demonstrate creativity, logic, intuition, memory, emotional and spatial awareness and physical dexterity.

Tipping Point is the long-running suspense-filled format that has smashed ratings records in the UK.

The machine is filled with counters worth money. The contestants answer a series of gruelling questions, and every time they get an answer correct, they take control of the machine.

Join the electric atmosphere as an entire studio audience plays for a guaranteed jackpot by predicting the outcome of eight titanic clashes.

It might be a thrilling celebrity versus amateur battle, an astonishing man against machine contest, or a cross-discipline face-off between famous sports people.

Audience members who guessed correctly remain in the game, but all is not lost for those who get it wrong. If every player is eliminated before the eight rounds are up then everyone is back in play!

How many people will share the jackpot? Engaging audiences with a play-along app. An elite group of ex-Special Forces soldiers put a group of physically fit civilians through an extraordinary series of physical and psychological tests, each from the real selection process.

Physical fitness is just the start — the true test is one of character. The recruits are cut off from the outside world to eat, sleep and train together.

Over eight days they are subjected to intense psychological profiling, sleep deprivation, endurance tests and interrogation.

Most will reach breaking point and withdraw, but which recruits will be among the few who make it to the end? Every year thousands of couples elope around the world to get married in popular sunny destinations.

This format gains access to a dedicated team of planners who make the weddings possible. It captures all the drama, laughter and emotion as brides and grooms get set to tie the knot.

From lost rings to ruined dresses, forgotten speeches to missing cakes…with a wedding abroad a million and one things can go wrong. This show has it all: Follow all the ups and downs as staff and guests collide in a high stakes drama of tears, tantrums and plenty of wedding tiaras.

Season 2 rated well above average across key demos. Highly formatted structure can be adapted for any territory. Face To Face Silence can be golden Words play the main role in almost every conflict.

We blame each other, we throw accusations back and forth. Often things only go from bad to worse. Then we never want to see each other again and everything seems lost.

Things will never get better. In this format, we meet people who want to get back together with someone who means a lot to them but who they fell out with because of a misunderstanding, row or accusation.

Each episode consists of multiple stories and starts with the request for help from a person who wants to make up. Then the moment when the two sit down and just look at each other in silence.

Afterwards, both sit on the couch with the host who interviews them both on what will happen next. Viewers can follow how the two move forward on the website of the show.

The Great Masterpiece Challenge Can you find the fake? In this format members of the public visit art galleries and attempt to spot masterpieces that have been replaced by fakes.

The programme follows them as they use their detective skills to find seven elaborate fakes of real paintings hanging on the walls of galleries around the country.

Those who correctly identify the fakes could be invited to take part in the series finale and win a specially commissioned copy of their own.

Each episode explores a particular period of art history, featuring interviews with curators and contemporary artists. DNA Detectives Using cutting edge science to reveal decades of family history Identifying ancient forebears and reuniting long-lost relatives, this epic format uses DNA testing to reveal who celebrities really are and where they come from.

Revealing what cultures the celebrities are connected to, exploding lineage myths and reconnecting severed branches of family trees, DNA Detectives decodes the mysteries hidden deep inside the cells of a range of wellknown participants.

Are they who they think they are? In The Mind Of… Can a proven champion conquer a whole new sport? By interviewing them, and spending time training in their sport, the host learns what it was that made them become the best in the world.

Celebrating the popularity and skill of mobile delicatessens, this format challenges the best street chefs to showcase their best-selling recipes.

From pizza and pasta to tacos and burgers, there are incredible flavours from all over the world. In each qualifying episode, a host and celebrity guests select eight contestants from 16 contenders.

Across the next four episodes, four chefs compete against each other. After demonstrating their chosen dish, only two of them will cook at a live event, such as a music concert or football match, where the hungry paying public are the judges.

The truck which earns most goes through to the final — a street food festival — to fight for the title and cash prize. A powerful, emotional, and fast paced format featuring dramatic stories of people in chronic debt and those whose job it is to get the money back.

Hearing from all sides involved, it witnesses violent confrontations with often dangerous criminals, distraught debtors, downright liars and genuine cases of hardship.

With each episode containing four contrasting cases, this acclaimed series has become a massive hit with viewers, delivering at every level.

Coming back for a second season this fall. In partnership with Coca-Cola in Italy. Season 5 currently on air and season 6 commissioned.

DR1 Denmark — 3 seasons aired, ratings above the slot average on both global and commercial demos New adaptations in on La Sexta Spain , Nine Australia , France 2.

Eat Well For Less? On a mission to prove families can eat well but spend less money Experts tour the country to show families how to spend less and eat better.

In each episode, the resident experts show a new family how to shop, cook and eat for less. With the help of a nutritionist, they analyse the groceries the family buys and set a target for how much they could save.

The hosts also suggest alternative weekly meals and new recipes for the family to try. Are they too attached to big-name products?

To find out all branding is removed. How will the family respond to their new meals? Will they even notice their favourite product has been swapped?

For the finale, the family must choose between the food they normally buy and the equally healthy but cheaper alternatives.

Shop Well For Less? Open your eyes to a new way of spending Confronting families with out-of-control spending, shopping experts are on a mission to change the way they shop without changing their lifestyle.

From make-up and cleaning products, to gadgets and clothes, they replace their usual products with unlabelled ones, usually cheaper but sometimes more expensive, to challenge their loyalty to certain brands.

They also investigate where products come from and reveal marketing tactics, helping us all to shop smarter. Can they admit their shopping sins, change their buying habits and save a fortune?

Fouth season and Christmas special coming soon. From thousands of applications, nine artists per episode are chosen to paint the portraits of famous sitters — anyone from TV and film stars to athletes, musicians and authors.

The winner of each episode will go on to compete for a place in the semi-finals and then the grand final. The series winner earns a commission to paint a famous person for the permanent collection of a national art gallery.

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